Brand new HOUSE FIRE for 2012!

Happy New Year, Space Invaders!

Today @8-10 PM GMT/ 3-5PM ET I’m bringing the MUSICAL ARSON!

You’ll hear tracks from Jill Scott, Little Dragon, SBTRKT, Oomph Cat, Carl Cox, Jesse Boykins III, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Castor and a whole lot more… More

Colliderscope Radio Show January 2012 with DJ Yamin

Check it out this Saturday (14th) from 10pm – all the info HEREHEREHEREHEREHERHERE


Make Your NEW YEARS Hot with a HOUSE FIRE

The final HOUSE FIRE for 2011 is coming your way with ALL the dopeness you need to bring in 2012 with a proper bang.
It’s a recap of some of the best tracks played doing the previous 21 shows, with

High Time For Some HOLIDAY HOUSE FIRE Today!

Happy Holidays, Space Invader Lovers!

Check the Christmas Eve Edition of my HOUSE FIRE tonight @8-10PM GMT on!

Tonight I’m bring you two hours of musical presents for your tree, with the best of deep house, electronica, hip-hop… More

High Time For Some HOLIDAY HOUSE FIRE Today

Happy Holidays, Space Invader Lovers!

Check the Christmas Eve Edition of my HOUSE FIRE tonight @8-10PM GMT on!

Tonight I’m bring you two hours of musical presents for your tree, with the best of deep house, electronica… More

Colliderscope December 2011 with DJ Feyder

This Saturday from 10pm (GMT).

All the gen…HERE


Brand New HOUSE FIRE Tonight!

I hope that your holiday and shopping experience went well this week. Now to put a proper capper for your weekend comes the sounds of MUSICAL ARSON with Another Hot MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE.  This Saturday Night @8-10PM GMT is as dope and dope


Tue 25th Oct – Funk Against Fascism

Watch out for the tonights MotherChip show where we’ll be handing over to guest DJ Totalcult.

Totalcult’s label… More

New MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE Next Week with Tall Black Guy

Another fortnight, another case of MUSICAL ARSON!  I’ve got an extra chilly-chill TALL BLACK GUY MIX in the second hour. Check out Saturday, 17 Sep 11 @ 8-10 PM GMT/3-5 PM ET.

All Dope and All hot!… More

Colliderscope September 2011 – Happy Birthday Double Barrel Miaow Mix Special

Go shorty, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday. Actually, it’s not your birthday, it’s mine. Or was, last week. But like Fifty ‘Fiddy’ Cent, I don’t give an eff’ it’s not actually my birthday. The point is we’re celebrating it and this celebration… More

Get Yourself Ready For A Brand New HOUSE FIRE!

That’s right, it’s time for another case of dopeness, delivered to all of you direct from the Motor City… Musical Arson to satisfy your very soul.

Number 13 is coming your way with the housey-house sounds of Osunlade, Domu,Kaidi Tatham and Dego, IG… More

Brand New MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE Today!

I’ve got another hot show on tap for Saturday, 13 August 2011.  This time with  a Special Guest Mix set by DJ Helly Mae Hellfire!  As always, 8-10 PM GMT on

It’s the dope!… More

Colliderscope 13th August 2011 – with Rory Hoy

Christ. It’s hard to be upbeat sometimes isn’t it? Specially when you’re supposed to be writing about something that’s meant to be a bit of fun…as if the world wasn’t going to hell in a handcart already, it now seems that the wheels have spectacularly spun off common decency too. But, despite a heavy heart… More

Colliderscope July 2011 with WDRE & Freqnik

Haul and pull up selecta! Or so the saying goes. Set your general demeanour to “Extra Excited”, Colliderscope is back on Saturday and take it from me, baby, we are open for business.

Once again I’ve scoured the internet and… More

Brand New MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE Tonight

You must listen.  Your sanity depends on it.

8-10PM GMT… More

Colliderscope 11/06/2011 – summersummersummertime

I’ll go to the foot of our stairs, is it really June already? Time Flies when you’re an American straight edge hardcore punk band.

Bandshell on teaandcakerecords

<a href=””>Bandshell by teaandcakerecords</a>

The 3rd release on teaandcakerecords is a dark piece of leftfield dubstep and electronica from the mysterious artist known as Bandshell.

Make sure you pick up the free EP and tell all your mates… More

Colliderscope 14th May 2011

Brace yourselves, brothers and sisters, for this Saturday Colliderscope shall once again come streaming through your living area with force equivalent to that of a herd of stampeding buffalo. Except instead of ruining the carpet, they’re sweet smelling beasts that compliment your exceedingly… More

Brotto Remixes

Brotto Remixes by teaandcakerecords
Brotto Remixes follows up the huge success of teaandcakerecords debut release by Brotto which featured amongst other on Hold Box Flat, Grunge Cake and Bench’s playlists.

The remixes have an eclectic, international theme to them with mixes coming courtesy Italy’s Planet Soap, Grillo (Space Invader Radio) and Railster, Slovakia’s… More

Colliderscope 9th April 2011

Time to emerge from that post-Christmas bunker of winter misery and emerge, weary but alert, into the fresh air of spring. And then crank it up good style on Saturday evening ‘cos Colliderscope is back for another couple of hours of underground, overground… More

Colliderscope March 2011 – 1st Birthday Bash

Break out the Asti Spumante, hurl a vol au vent at your face, cast admiring glances at toothpicks festooned with cheddar and pineapple. And then direct your attention toward the stereogram from 10pm THIS SATURDAY…for Colliderscope is one year old!

And… More

Brotto – Grassland EP on teaandcakerecords

Tim from teaandcakerecords who hosts the Free Range Show and Paul Riley (ex Songs of Praise) have been hard at work recently helping Brotto release his debut EP of leftfield electronica. Download the results for free… More

Grand Central back with the heat!

Looks like the first release out of the reformed Grand Central label will be Central Heating 3!

Who and what is going to be appearing on the compilation is yet to be made clear but as many GC fans hold the original pretty dear to their hearts, the guys will surely be looking to… More


Sadly I’ve had to quit doing the songs of praise show on spaceinvader. Sorry and thanks to everyone who ever listened, chatted, favourite-d, rewound, copied down the tracklists and went out and bought something because they heard it through me – it was always genuinely appreciated and I’m still shocked anyone ever did so thank you… More


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