MrScorpio’s House Fire

MrScorpio’s House Fire – Fortified With 25% More Hellfire!



Brand New MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE Today!

I’ve got another hot show on tap for Saturday, 13 August 2011.  This time with  a Special Guest Mix set by DJ Helly Mae Hellfire!  As always, 8-10 PM GMT on

It’s the dope!… More

The HOUSE FIRE Amy Winehouse Tribute Show Is UP!


MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE #10 is UP

Come Get Your Dope On!… More

Mr Scorpio’s House Fire

Mr. Scorpio is a native Detroiter who has just retired from the US Air Force. After traveling the world he’s settled back in his home state of Michigan where he’s currently living the good life with his beautiful wife, Mrs. Scorpio. The… More

HOUSE FIRE #09 Mixcloud is up

Are You Ready For Some Musical Arson?

It’s BACK!  Another installment of Detroit’s Own MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE! All NEW and All you YOU! I’m bring all the dope tonight… WIth Osunlade, Maddslinky, Domu, Mike Slott, Taylor McFerrin, IG Culture, Lemongrass, Amy Winehouse, and much, much more,

MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE #8 is up!

Check is out, for your own sanity’s sake:… More

Brand New MrScorpio’s HOUSE FIRE Tonight

You must listen.  Your sanity depends on it.

8-10PM GMT… More

For Gil…

It’s Time for another big fat dose of MUSICAL ARSON, My Peoples.  That’s Right, The HOUSE FIRE is coming to town.

Tonight, along with the HOTTEST in House, Club, Soul and Broken Beats, I’m bringing a special dedication to our dear… More

Time To Set The World On Fire

It’s HOUSE FIRE Saturday once again.

I hope that all of you had a fabulous two weeks .  Now it’s time to make your day ever more fantastic with even more fabulosity!

This week is BIG! I’m bringing the sounds of Likwid Biskit, Vikter Duplaix, Barbara Tucker, Lalo Schifrin, Taylor McFerrin, Tanja La Croix and a whole lot more… More

All My HOUSE FIRE Shows On Mixcloud

Enjoy!… More

Make Sure That You’re Ready to BURN in Today’s HOUSE FIRE

Yes, it’s me, YOUR MUSICAL ARSONIST, MrScorpio and if you know what good for you, you’ll be ONLINE for the Hottest in House, Club and a whole lot more in this fortnight’s installment of my HOUSE FIRE.

I’ve a big show going down for my second edition… I’ve got the sounds of BURIAL +… More


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If The Kids: @ aSINe thanx!!!

aSiNe: digging this 'If The Kids' mix

Gaz: Toonage

SIR Admin: Sounds from the Chamber now, and Motherchip at 9 -last minute switcheroo -soz kids


BdubU: @loosegroove Back in the Punto groove

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