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Discoflair Extraordinaire July 2012

Ladies and gents, welcome to the july edition of Discoflair Extraordinaire.
It’s the first friday of the month and we’re in our thirties, not fiftie. Nor do we play with ourselves while standing on the corner wheeling crack and bath salt. who would smoke… More

Melt along with @SejaHeroi on the Cannibalist Manifesto @ 4PM BST today!

 Yes kids, it’s that time of year again, when we celebrate summer with a show dedicated to the beach, the sun and, perhaps more importantly, all of it’s less-desirable side-effects… More

Loosegroove 64 – Live tonight (July 4th) 8-10pm BST

“When I get older, losing my hair”. Anyway, you get the picture?

Now recovered from the chaos of the covers special Loosegroove are back on your IP packets this very evening. Tonight is the turn of Boomslang and Jams who are itching to play… More

Listen again

Listen Again to The Silver Satchel – Fourteenth Folio

The Silver Satchel: The Fourteenth Folio 27 June 2012 by Golau Glau on Mixcloud This is the Fourtee

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More Heat with a Brand new HOUSE FIRE Tonight!

Too hot for you?  Well I’m going to make it hotter with a brand new HOUSE FIRE, tonight at 8P

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  • For All You Daddies – A House Fire tonight!
  • Colliderscope June 2012 – with Lance Herbstrong
  • For the Queen and the God Father- A New House Fire TODAY


Big Chill Takeover with Brad Baloo (The Nextmen)

Cripes folks, hard to believe it’s a year since our 1st night at The Big Chill last May and a

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