Colliderscope with Dan Morgan

In a similar fashion to the world’s largest particle accelorator, Colliderscope releases massive amounts of energy on a regular basis.

Each month we plum the frequencies, stitching together several disparate elements to create an agreeable soundclash of pretty much anything with a bass-laden, steady groove.

Together we’ll travel through time, tapping the bleeding edge and more mature numbers alike. You can expect the tastiest hip-hop, D&B, dubstep, breaks, nu-funk and plenty more besides with very little chance of a black hole.

Somewhere near the middle of proceedings I shut it for approximately forty minutes and let someone else have a go on the wheels. It’s a guest mix, or medley if you like and I call this feature the Miaow Mix, which is a play on words.

Get onboard. Be heard. If you’ve got tunes that need to be collided, drop me a line or hit me up with any feedback or suggestions.
It’s all good:


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