Cannibalist Manifesto

The Cannibalist Manifesto #015 – 20 Oct 2011 – The Annual Halloween Show!

Yes, it’s time once again for our annual Halloween mix, & while we’re a little early, we hope you won’t mind…… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #014 – 06 Oct 2011 (Chiastic Dancing)


Episode Lucky #013 of the Cannibalist Manifesto – 15 Sept 2011

For those out there who have been longing for something dark & witch house-y & sounds that digitally decay before even making it to your ears, we’ve got you covered.… More

Catch a new episode of the Cannibalist Manifesto for 1 Sept 2011 – The Futurist’s Dilemma!

Time for a new episode of the Cannibalist Manifesto, and it’s a weird one!… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #011 (Distorted Echoes of Future Present)

After a long cross-country move and several weeks without reliable internet, things are slowly settling down, and that means that this week’s show is ALL NEW.… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #010 (Running Tally Redux) – 4 August 2011 – 4 to 6PM GMT

Long-story-short, I am in the process of moving to a new state/city, and, as such, most of my music is still boxed-up in some dark corner of my new home… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #009 (Polymorphous Light Eruption – A Summer Mix)

Enjoy our most latest summer mix, celebrating a chaotic day of sunburns, excessive amounts of fried foods, near-drownings and other beach-associated maladies, rather than your peaceful game of beach-blanket bingo or your backyard BBQ.

Feel free to listen via Mixcloud, or click here to download an MP3


The Cannibalist Manifesto #009 (Polymorphous Light Eruption)

Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) is an acquired disease…PMLE is characterized by recurrent, abnormal, delayed reactions to sunlight


Listen again to The Cannibalist Manifesto #008 (My Ever Changing Moods)

No themes or gimmicks this week–just music: witch house, chill wave, twisted R&B, analogue synths and a few classics thrown in for good measure.

Highlights include NEW remixes from SALEM, Grimes and K.Flay, plus new music from Blood Diamonds, W-H-I-T-E, Ford & Lopatin, Fall On Your Sword (ex-LCD Soundsystem) and a few brilliant tracks… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto – 16 June 2011 – 4-6PM GMT (My Ever Changing Moods)

No themes or gimmicks this week, just new music–witch house, chill wave, twisted R&B, analogue synths and a few classics thrown in for good measure. … More

Listen Again to Seja Herói’s Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron

As originally described in this post, when Gil died, there was not a lot of love shown here in Harlem, so I made this mix as a brief attempt at atonement for Harlem’s sins of omission.  Its flow and tempo loosely follow Gil’s turbulent life, though the point here is definitely more celebration… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #007 – 2 June 2011 (Black Bombs Blasting Out)

I tried not to do this–I really did!


The Cannibalist Manifesto – 19 May 2011 – A Beginner’s Guide to Nihilism (listen again)

We start quietly with How to Dress Well’s new R. Kelly cover, but things get brutal rather quickly… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #006 (A Beginners Guide to Nihilism)

Believe it or not, another episode of the Cannibalist Manifesto is here, and the happier south-of-the-border vibes of ep#005 are nowhere to be found…… More

Cannibalist Manifesto – 5 May 2011 (Back To Mexico)

In 24 hours you’ll have a brand new episode of the Cannibalist Manifesto to enjoy, so why not listen again our last episode? Featuring new tracks & remixes from Washed Out, Laurel Halo, Hits Incorporated (guys from Cat’s Purring Collective), Dam Funk and more!

The second half features a special Cinco de Maio mix… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto – 05 May 2011 (Cinco de Mayo!!!)

Yes kids, it’s time once again for another episode of dark, twisted goodness on The Cannibalist Manifesto.

The first half of the show is what you’ve come to expect… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #004 (Meet You At the Cemetry Gates) – Listen Again!

A special episode for this past week’s installment of The Cannibalist Manifesto on Space Invader Radio.

As spring finally arrived in New York City, we ventured outside to create this week’s episode.  More specifically, we made our way to The Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum to assemble the… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto – 21 April 2011 (Meet You at the Cemetry Gates)

Spring has finally arrived in New York City, so we ventured outside to the Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum in Upper Harlem this week for this week’s show. More

Cannibalist Manifesto #003 – Listen Again (or for the first time!)

There is some amazing new music in episode #3 of Seja Herói’s Cannibalist Manifesto…… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #003 – 4-6PM – 7 April 2011

It’s time again for another episode of The Cannibalist Manifesto!

The first hour of today’s show is kind of haphazard (in the best possible sense), mixed more based on vibe than anything else… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto with Seja Herói #002 – 17 March 2011 – Listen again!

The Cannibalist Manifesto #002 With Seja Herói – 17 March 2011 by Space Invader Radio on Mixcloud

We present… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #002 – 17 March 2011 – 4-6PM GMT

It’s time again for another dose of The Cannibalist Manifesto.  From 4-6pm GMT/12AM-2PM EST, Seja Herói will be taking you through his latest discoveries in Witch House, Chillwave and other unfortunately named micro-genres. Tune in online… More

Listen Again to the Debut of The Cannibalist Manifesto with Seja Herói

Listen again to the premier episode of The Cannibalist Manifesto on Space Invader Radio, original air-date 10 March 2011. Learn more about this show here.

Tracks included new soul and hip-hop from Stones Throw and the Brainfeeder collective, as well as new(-ish) electronics-infused music from Dent May, Airbird, Com Truise, Shabazz Palaces… More

The Cannibalist Manifesto #001 – 10 March 2011 4-6PM GMT

Yes kids, it may have taken a little while, but we’re on the air today with our first show for Space Invader Radio.  From 4-6pm GMT/11AM-1PM EST, Harlem-based Seja Herói presents the Cannibalist Manifesto.  Tune in online or… More


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