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Cannibalist Manifesto #003 – Listen Again (or for the first time!)

There is some amazing new music in episode #3 of Seja Herói’s Cannibalist Manifesto…… More

Listen Again to MotherChip 27

Motherchip 27 – 08/03/2011 – Unfit Melody by Space Invader Radio on Mixcloud

Mr Brown



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mattthegood: We're getting an avalanche of spam on this at the minute so we're going to turn it off for now. Back soon.

Jenks: Jenkwaps in the house!

If The Kids: @ aSINe thanx!!!

aSiNe: digging this 'If The Kids' mix

Gaz: Toonage

SIR Admin: Sounds from the Chamber now, and Motherchip at 9 -last minute switcheroo -soz kids