Colliderscope September 2011 – Happy Birthday Double Barrel Miaow Mix Special

Go shorty, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday. Actually, it’s not your birthday, it’s mine. Or was, last week. But like Fifty ‘Fiddy’ Cent, I don’t give an eff’ it’s not actually my birthday. The point is we’re celebrating it and this celebration shall take the form of a Colliderscope Miaow Mix special.

So, with that in mind, this month I shall be keeping it booty duty and nu-phunk-with-a-p-to-tha-h while our guests get proper serious with some panel-rattling sub-bass.

First up on September’s show: the multi-talented, hardest working, reggae pummelling, cigar smokin’, tour manager-cum-producer-cum-gravel-throated-mc…ladies and germs, I bring you…JStar! Responsible for probably my all-time favourite mash-up, Regulate Rock, your boy takes time out from that busy festival to-and-fro to bring you bass, breaks and general low-end nuttiness in the name of Space Invader Radio.

Then I’ll do a bit of mixing…

And…as they say in Dude, Where’s My Car?…then…You know the drink, now meet the DJ…There-from-day-one Space Invader, D&B man about town (be it Brizzle, be it the LDN), the vinyl purist, the follically frugal, your man in the business (and business is good), Mr DJ Guinness! It’s been a good long time since I first asked the Guinness if he’d be interested in doing a mix for Colliderscope. I think he forgot. No matter, we have him locked for Saturday the tenth.  For half and hour or so, you too can see how drum’n'bass is really done. Don’t (in the style of Horatio from CSI Miami) sleep.

Word to the mother, we’ll be dropping bombs on Space Invader Radio from 10pm (GMT), this Saturday (10/09/2011), see you there with an amusing birthday card and a bottle of bubbly. And, as ever, keep it on the download right from this very location from Sunday.


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