Colliderscope 11/06/2011 – summersummersummertime

I’ll go to the foot of our stairs, is it really June already? Time Flies when you’re an American straight edge hardcore punk band.Ewan Hoozami on some stairs First off, apologies for the extremely tardy nature of this colliderscupdate (given that the show is tomorrow an’ all), got something pretty special in store this month and I wanted to make sure everything was 100% lest it all go sideways and I end up looking like a berk.

Colliderscope is back with a, well, not so much a vengence as very enthusiastically and I’m ecstatic to announce that Bristol’s “vicar of funk”, the brilliantly named Ewan Hoozami (pictured on a flight of stairs, right), is pitching up to the platters for June’s Miaow Mix. The man like the Hoozami’s doing big things at the moment, what with a new album forthcoming, burgeoning remix work, not to mention a punishing live schedule. And, if you’ve already caught one of his medleys, you’ll already know this is going to be a good’n. If you’re a Hoozami virgin, I urge you to stick around and be deflowered. I love it when our guests on Colliderscope put their heart and soul into a mix and, to borrow a phrase from the hip hop community: word is born, Ewan has gone above and beyond. Expect a hearty feast of nu-funk/breaks for mains, garnished with a smattering of booty, before going completely beserk and losing it completely with a sumptuous, death by chocolate dubstep desert.*

Aside from our star turn, you’ve got me on the imaginary record players and doing talking too. Wheel be kicking of the show (see what I done there?) with classic, happy hip hop from Ugly Duckling, before getting down to it with booties and edits from JStar, W.D.R.E & Freqnik (keep eyes for these fellows on July’s Colliderscope), totaLcULt and Calagad13, plus BadBoE on the remix for Danny Massure and much more besides. Keep your lug holes peeled for massive, massive new tuneage from Telephunken and Cut La Roc too!

The vibe comes alive from 10pm tomorrow (that’s the 11th, chaps) on Space Invader Radio. See you there!


*may have gone slightly over the top with the metaphors there, apologies if you were offended

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