Colliderscope July 2011 with WDRE & Freqnik

Haul and pull up selecta! Or so the saying goes. Set your general demeanour to “Extra Excited”, Colliderscope is back on Saturday and take it from me, baby, we are open for business.

Once again I’ve scoured the internet and the archives to make sure all bases are covered where genre is concerned. And by which I don’t mean we’ll be nodding our heads in quiet appreciation of a string quartet or going all prog rock on that shizzle – this is all about the b-line my fine friends.

This month on the Miaow Mix, ladies and gentlemen, put your effing hands together for W.D.R.E & Freqnik. Out of New York, New York (which is in America, on the right), you’ll have heard the producer & DJ duo frequently on Colliderscopes past and their hip-hop/jazz/funk/latin mash-ups have been blogged from Bagshot to the Bayou. Far from merely plundering rapapellas for a tasty hook, W.D.R.E. & Freqnik’s tunes are more of a faithful homage to the original, lifting the entire rhyme, verse by verse and plonking it jigsaw-like into a track it was never intended for, but fits as if it was made for the job. I’m really chuffed to be able to bring you a good couple of handfuls of exactly this kind of groovable what not, all lovingly crafted especially for us on Colliderscope!

As far as the rest of the show goes…we’ll kick things off in a hip hop stylee, then knock it up a gear with some choice nu-funk, breaks and bootiful cuts including a heavy, heavy remix from Neon Steve. In the latter third of the show there will be an opportunity to brock out on a drum’n'bass tip and have a pleasant 4/4 reminisce with Timo Maas before we go in hard for the final push towards the witching hour with the gloriously unsubtle wobble of the obligatory dubstep section.

Crikey, that sounds good eh? See you Saturday from 10pm (GMT) on Space Invader Radio!


PS. Check back with me right here on Sunday for all the podcasting and tracklisting business.

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